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Regenerative therapy with Stem Cell has become a more frequent treatment for orthopedic conditions in the US, including knee, hip and shoulder osteoarthritic pain.

For those patients with joint pain, the current steps of treatment in U.S. include first, activity modification, physical therapy, and medication management. The next step in the ladder includes steroid or hyaluronic acid intrarticular injection. If this fails, then a total knee or hip replacement is offered to the patient, as the last resort, to control the pain.

Every year around more than a million patients have a total joint replacement in the US (just in the knee and hip), but there are still many patients that do not want a replacement or cannot have it for medical conditions or other matters, leaving them in a limbo for pain control.

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Dr. Anthony Atala
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
The mission of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is to improve patients’ lives through regenerative medicine. We believe that collaboration is key to accelerate both scientific discovery and the clinical translation of therapies to patients in need. We would welcome the chance to collaborate with Cuba. Opportunities to work...

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